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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you live to be 200 year old?

Wellness pod and benefits explored

Lebron James using a hyperbaric chamber

How do i know what to do?

Our professional staff would always be happy to answer any questions you have and suggest a protocol to help you choose the right service.

Can I own a Healing Factor?

You can be a Healing Factor investor partner or be a franchisee. We have different opportunities available.

Click on the franchise or investor tabs at the top.

Why choose healing Factor?

Our mission at Healing Factor is to heal the world by bringing together a team of world class experts and people that wanna make a difference in their community to create a future where everyone is healthy and can enjoy their lives to the fullest.

Our mission at Healing Factor is to energize a generation, one community at a time.

We provide the most innovative restorative therapies centered around optimizing health and wellness as well as promoting overall healing. Our team of experts offer wellness strategies, life coaching, workshops & seminars to support people in transforming their lives. The ultimate goal is to have people live their BEST LIFE!

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